“Field Of View”

This week’s song from Looking For Buildings is “Field Of View,” a song I co-wrote with Kyle Richards. I really enjoyed building this from a fragment Kyle sent me to start with.

I was warned 
I might get into something
More than I needed to be
My friends said
“You gotta watch out for this one”

Good advice
But I chose to ignore it
It was a chance meant to take
How would I
Know I should believe it

There’s not a chance in Hades
I wouldn’t take that chance with you
In the center of my field of view
It’s true and you belong there

One step up
It’s a matter of feeling
I’m feeling more than you know
Two steps back
Taking moments to listen

Not so bad
Tell our friends we believe in
A love despite our mistakes
You and I
Understanding each other

Sometimes you know
Something is right and extraordinary
And when you know 
You go right on through
And break into
That rendezvous is you

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