New Album

Looking For Buildings album cover

It’s out! Buy Looking For Buildings now from Futureman Records! The album includes 10 songs, all recorded pandemic-style, with all participants in different locations—even different continents!

Behind the scenes video for “Buildings”…
“You = Spring”
…and “Season of Loss”…
“Wonder Whys”
…and “Throw Me Away”
“Love Is Real”

Nine of the songs are Wendi-originals. Here’s the final song list:

  • “Buildings” (co-written with Blake Earnhart)
  • “Season Of Loss”
  • “Field Of View” (co-written with Kyle Richards)
  • “You = Spring”
  • “Love Is Real”*
  • “Wonder Whys”
  • “Follow”
  • “Chance”
  • “Throw Me Away”
  • “Second Heartbreak”
    (* = cover)

You’ll hear piano ballads, power pop, and even an early-80s-type synth pop song in the vein of early Depeche Mode. No matter what, it’s got hooks. In short—you want this album.

Pick up Looking For Buildings in CD or digital form at Futureman Records, or the digital version is also available at the Wendi Dunlap Bandcamp page!