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Review excerpts for Looking For Buildings:

“Pop music. Gorgeous, inviting pop music. What more do you need? Wendi Dunlap‘s new album Looking For Buildings offers your opportunity to fall heart-first into a dreamy, luxurious bed of pure radio-ready bliss. Wendi Dunlap has just the building you’re looking for.”

— Carl Cafarelli, Boppin’ (Like The Hip Folks Do)

“An elegant vocal that catches your ear right away… The guitar jangle and heart-felt ‘Season of Loss’ is a bittersweet rocker about the Pandemic, with a hook-filled chorus. Next, the sophisticated ‘Field of View’ shows a depth of emotional joy seldom heard.

“…This is a strong debut that deserves to be heard. Check it out.”


“You should go out and buy this fine indie power pop album right now.”

Green Monkey Records blog

Here are some nice things people said about my 2015 demos collection, Learning Not To Be Perfect:

“That album rips yer heart out and sticks it on a novelty plastic cocktail sword. And it even has a Christmas single, like an early 80s New Wave band… add ten layers of psychedelia on top of ‘Follow’ and it would fit on side 2 of Dear 23.”

“Great lyrics and songwriting. Beautiful voice, spacious guitar. Nice harmonies. Clean, effective production.

“Catchy little tunes.”