“Throw Me Away”

“Throw Me Away” is one of the songs I wrote for my 2015 collection of demos, Learning Not To Be Perfect. That collection was put together for NASOALMO (National Solo Album Month), in which you write and record a complete album in one month — all by yourself. Here are the lyrics:

 Throw Me Away

 I would do whatever it would take me 
 to pay penance for my sins
 even if the accusations break me
 on my way to breaking in

 Give me just one chance to understand it
 as you watch me spin out of control
 so alone, I must be branded
 help me, bring me back my soul
 This was not what I expected
 when we bought our tickets to the show
 Don’t throw them away
 Don’t throw them away
 Maybe there’s an encore to make it better
 Maybe there’s a sequel to this play
 Don’t throw me away
 Don’t throw me away
 Waiting for the closing of the season
 trying to find some cover from the rain
 but the forecast gives no reason 
 that the clouds will ever change
 And now the curtain call is over
 There’s no delaying this I fear
 It just takes one to end this story
 Just takes one to disappear

 I’d beg forgiveness if I knew what I had done
 But maybe I should be forgiving you 

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